pure Silver initiative
Social enterprises, civil society organizations, and academic institutions working together to tackle the global water crisis
The Pure Silver Initiative is born of the belief that complex problems require collaborative solutions.  The initiative brings together a range of like-minded groups, committed to providing clean water for vulnerable communities.
Development partners include:
Enrique Lomnitz, Co-founder and General Director of Isla Urbana, explains how sharing knowledge and expertise in rainwater harvesting with mining engineers can help make mining operations more effective partners in an integrated development model.
Liliana Riva Palacio, Founder and General Director of ConcentrArte, points to the practical dependence of technology on social and cultural habits and the need to take a holistic approach to human development.
Cameras for Change
Cate Cameron, Creator and Co-Director of Cameras 4 Change, discusses the transformational potential of photography as a shared experience and its capacity to create new possibilities for dialogue and mutual understanding.
Construyendo Esperanza
Kenia Montiel Pimentel, Founder of Construyendo Esperanzas, discusses how growing needs and a reduced availability of public funding made private-sector participation necessary in addressing water challenges in Hidalgo.
Dr. José Angel Cobos-Murcia, Professor of Material and Earth Sciences at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, discusses the "citizen scientist" programme and the importance of bringing science into the community.